Pon Holdings increases stake in Accell Group N.V. 19/11

Pon Holdings announces that on 19 November 2018 it purchased 45,818 ordinary shares in Accell Group N.V. (“Accell Group”) and that it has now purchased a total of 4,994,648 ordinary shares in Accell Group, representing 18.8% of the issued and outstanding share capital.

Reference is made to the press release by Pon Holdings dated 13 November 2018 regarding the Intended Partial Offer (the "Intended Partial Offer") in cash for a number of ordinary shares in Accell Group. This number, together with all ordinary shares currently held or otherwise purchased by Pon Holdings or its affiliates outside the Intended Partial Offer, is currently set at 20% of the issued and outstanding ordinary shares of Accell Group, and will be finally determined prior to launch of the Intended Partial Offer. The offer price is €19.00 per share.

Pon Holdings announces that, on 19 November 2018, Pon Holdings and its affiliates or brokers (acting as agents for Pon Holdings or its affiliates, as applicable) purchased a total of 45,818 ordinary shares in the open market at a volume weighted average price of €19.00.



Total number of shares

Type of shares

Volume weighted average price in €

19 November 2018





The highest price per ordinary share paid in a transaction conducted on 19 November 2018 was €19.00.

Following these transactions, Pon Holdings and its affiliates or brokers have now purchased a total of 4,994,648 ordinary shares in Accell Group, representing 18.8% of the issued and outstanding share capital of Accell Group.

About Pon Holdings

Pon Holdings – one of the Netherlands’ biggest family businesses – is a leading global company with nearly 13,000 employees operating in 32 countries. It supplies high-end products and solutions, develops and manufactures bicycles (approximately 800.000 under 10 premium brands), and offers engineering solutions in several market segments. Pon operates in a large number of markets, from private and commercial vehicles and bicycles, to forklift trucks, tires, road and earthmoving machinery, generators, and total solutions for the shipping industry.


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